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From Monte Sole massacres to Marzabotto slaughter and back

di Elena Monicelli

in Versus n. 119, Traces of Terror, Signs of Trauma, pp.157-172

Abstract (italiano)

This essay aims to suggest a hypothesis for research in order to
investigate the link between the public memorialization process,
the concept of clash of different memories (individual, collective,
public) it can create and the presumed educational function of
remembrance. The essay will be based on a particular case study
concerning the memory of the Monte Sole massacres which took
place in 1944. Starting with a short historical reconstruction,
we will attempt to briefly explore the key points of the different
narratives and forms of remembrance, as well as focusing on how
this research can be applied in an educational context which aims
to foster democratic values, respect of human rights and a culture
of peace.