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Anyone came to live here some time ago. A cognitive semiotics approach to deviation as a foregrounding device

di Anna Chesnokova, Willie van Peer

in Versus n. 122, Empirical Research in Semiotics, pp.5-22

Abstract (italiano)

About half a century ago, a little revolution in literary studies took place.
Following the ideas of the Russian Formalists and Prague tructuralists, a more rigorous approach to the study of literary texts was proposed. One of the major discussions turned around e.e. cummings’ “anyone lived in a pretty how town”, especially about the heavy foregrounding in the poem. Initially, the debate was one of conceptualization and the framing of the function of literary analysis, and no effort was made to investigate the
effects of the deviations empirically. This is where our research starts.
In this paper we argue that the value of literary techniques lies in the effects they create in readers. Hence we will show the results of an empirical study in reactions to the poem by cummings, which will illuminate the way in which beginning vs. advanced EFL students
react to foregrounding devices in the text.