Valeur, sens et énonciation. Ce que Dewey fait à la sémiotique

by Valeria De Luca

in Versus n. 123, Temi semiotici /Semiotic Themes: Ripensare alcune categorie chiave della semiotica, pp.215-230

Abstract (english)

Value, meaning and énonciation. What Dewey does to semiotics. The paper aims to enrich the debate within semiotics on a relatively new phenomenal field. It aims also to initiate a cross-disciplinary dialogue between sociology, social philosophy and semiotics. We will try to spot possible convergences between Dewey’s theory of practices and the semiotics of practices conceived by Jacques Fontanille, as well as other semiotics suggestions. We will focus on the organization of value in Dewey’s work. We can identify three main steps in the value pattern, such as: valuing, valuation and evaluation. These stages can help to improve the relationship between semiotic valences and values operating in the énonciation conceived as praxis and starting from the field of semiotic practices.