Semiotics, Deleuze (& Guattari) and post-structuralism. Further opening questions?

by Federico Montanari

in Versus n. 123, Temi semiotici /Semiotic Themes: Ripensare alcune categorie chiave della semiotica, pp.257-278

Abstract (english)

The main purpose of this paper is to propose a discussion and review about some points coming from post-structuralist thought, particularly concerning Deleuze’s philosophy. Starting from Deleuze’s thought there are questions that, even perhaps known, seem, today, critically interrogate and fruitfully challenging the epistemological basis of Semiotics. The intention is to examine here some of these basic concepts – such as, immanence, expression, intensity, dynamism, production – particularly from Deleuze’s philosophy (in collaboration, it is important to remember, with Guattari), because of their circulation and specific impact on Semiotics. The hypothesis is that this questioning may obtain, as a result, a sort of “positive tension”, useful for today’s semiotic research.