Nelle pieghe dell’Essere del linguaggio. "Significante" vs "Significato" nell’arte

by Daniela De Leo

in Versus n. 123, Temi semiotici /Semiotic Themes: Ripensare alcune categorie chiave della semiotica, pp.279-292

Abstract (english)

In the Being’s folds of language. Signifier vs Meaning in art. Certain manuscripts of Maurice Merleau-Ponty form the center of the investigation pursued in this essay, an investigation within the domain of phenomenological interrogation of language. Language contains the reference to something different from the self. Phenomenology shows that it is being itself that underlies and structures language utterances, which incorporate this structure, and it is precisely because there is structural identity that language can refer to experience. At this level language works by family resemblances, overlapping, and digressions. Example is the language of art, as a chance to lead to expression of the silence of the things themselves.