Sensorial effectiveness. Sensoriality, immediacy, and presence in audiovisual media

by Costantino Maeder, Lucio Spaziante

in Versus n. 124, Sensorial Effectiveness. Sensoriality, immediacy, and presence in audiovisual media, pp.3-16

Abstract (english)

The incredible technological development allows everyone to make photograms or podcasts, to shoot and edit films on the fly, and disseminate them immediately everywhere to everybody: smart-TV, smartphones, digital cameras, and many other gadgets are affordable and simple to use. This allows to record almost anything, whenever, in any place. Any sensory and emotional experience can be documented on the spot and turned into discourse. New advances in technological equipment will introduce unprecedented sensorial input (augmented reality and virtual reality) and change our world even more: many new senses will be triggered and used in communication and in the arts.