From audiovisual to intermedial editing. Film experience and enunciation put to the test of technical formats

by Enzo D'Armenio

in Versus n. 124, Sensorial Effectiveness. Sensoriality, immediacy, and presence in audiovisual media, pp.59-74

Abstract (english)

This contribution aims to describe the experience of audiovisual signification through a new reading of the theory of enunciation, by putting into dialogue semiotic and neurofilmology theories. The contribution is divided into three parts: i) a new reading of the theory of enunciation which emphasises the perceptual dimension; ii) the proposal of a formal description of the audiovisual experience in line with the structural assumptions of the discipline; iii) the elaboration of the enunciational concept of technical format of images, which can account for the continuity between the signification mechanisms that regulate audiovisual editing and those of an intermedial editing.