VERSUS n. 119 (luglio-dicembre 2014)

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Traces of Terror, Signs of Trauma

a cura di Rob van der Laarse, Francesco Mazzucchelli, Carlos Reijnen

Isbn: NA Issn: 0393-8255

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After a recently published special issue devoted to the “politics of memory”, Versus delves again into the rich field of memory studies, this time reversing the approach. While in that volume the selection of contributions was “methodological” (how semiotics can deal with such concepts as collective and cultural memory and what kind of analysis it can produce), this time we opted for a thematic criterion, choosing a subject that is at the same time theoretical and analytical. We now focus on the relation between space and memory, namely the symbolic dimension in the processes of spatialization of collective memories of war in Europe. The objects under investigation in the articles here presented are museums, and places but also landscapes or simply segments of spatial environments that play a role in the shared reminiscences of a community.


di Rob van der Laarse, Francesco Mazzucchelli, Carlos Reijnen

pp. 3-19


If wood were an element: Primo Levi and the material world

di Gerry Kearns

pp. 21-49


Spectacularising Trauma: The experientialist visitor of Memory Museums

di Patrizia Violi

pp. 51-70


Representation of Mass Atrocities in Imagined ‘Commemorative Arenas’

di Csaba Szilagyi

pp. 71-91


From terrorscape to leisurescape. A case study of “Stalin World” in Lithuania

di Patrick Naef

pp. 93-108


Spaces, memoryscapes and the cinematic imaginary: ghosts and stories

di Cristina Demaria

pp. 109-129


The Upperworld and Underworld of Nazi Terror in Trieste

di Taja Kramberger

pp. 131-155


From Monte Sole massacres to Marzabotto slaughter and back

di Elena Monicelli

pp. 157-172