VERSUS n. 77-78 (maggio-dicembre 1997)

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The Concept of Intertextuality Thirty Years On: 1967-1997

a cura di Andrea Bernardelli

Isbn: 88-452-3223-9

Introduction. The Concept of Intertextuality Thirty Years On: 1967-1997

di Andrea Bernardelli

pp. 3-22

Intertextuality's Sign Systems

di Michael Riffaterre

pp. 23-34

Intertextual Grounds for Construction and Deconstruction: Joyce's "Cabman's Shelter" Revisited

di Hans-George Ruprecht

pp. 35-55

Du texte au discours. Le concept d'interdiscursitivité

di Antonio Gòmez-Moriana

pp. 57-73

From Classic Text to Intertext: "Wuthering Heights" in a Post-Kristevan World

di Patsy Stoneman

pp. 75-96

Intertexte, interculture, interidentité. Essayer de comprendre le néo/post-colonial à travers l'intertexte pré-colonial

di José Antonio Giménez Micò

pp. 97-118

The écriture féminine of a "hideous progeny": Marge Piercy's "He, She and It" as a Postmodern Intertext of Mary Shelley's "Frankenstein"

di Eleonora Federici

pp. 119-143

"Through a Door": Retroactive Narrative in "Tom's Midnight Garden"

di Donna Cox

pp. 145-160

Intertextuality and Hypermedia: Towards Electronic Hyper-Intertextual Analysis

di Rocco Capozzi

pp. 161-174

Intertextuality. A Bibliography

di Andrea Bernardelli

pp. 175-197