VERSUS n. 118 (january-june 2014)

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Semiotica e matematiche/Semiotics and Mathematics

edited by Franco Lo Piparo, Francesco La Mantia, Claudio Paolucci

Isbn: NA Issn: 0393-8255

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Semiotica e matematiche: un’introduzione Semiotics and Mathematics: an Introduction

by Franco Lo Piparo, Francesco La Mantia, Claudio Paolucci

pp. 3-10


Aspects du structuralisme dynamique Aspects of Dynamic Structuralism

by Jean Petitot

pp. 11-61


Semiotica e matematica in Peirce. Anti-intuizionismo, rifiuto dell’inconoscibile e teoria del continuum Semiotics and Mathematics in Peirce. Anti-intuitionism, Refusal of the Absolutely Uncognizable and Continuum’s Theory

by Claudio Paolucci

pp. 62-87


Signs of Invention and Mathematical Continuity in Peirce’s Logic Notebook

by Fernando Zalamea

pp. 89-103


Elementary Particles as Signs

by Leonardo Chiatti

pp. 105-117


Methexis, Mimesis and Self Duality: Theoretical Physics as Formal Systems

by Ignazio Licata

pp. 119-140


Connaissance sémiotique et Mathématisation. Sémiogenèse et explicitation Semiotic Cognition and Mathematisation. Semiogenesis and Explication

by David Piotrowski, Yves-Marie Visetti

pp. 141-170


Sulla topologia dei domini nozionali. Interno, esterno, frontiera On the Topology of Notional Domains. Inside, Outside, Border

by Francesco La Mantia

pp. 171-183


Nome e numero: una parentela Name and Number: a Kinship

by Franco Lo Piparo

pp. 185-195