VERSUS n. 120 (january-june 2015)

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Peirceana three. Sull’iconismo / On Iconism

edited by Francesco Bellucci, Claudio Paolucci

Isbn: NA ISSN: 0393-8255

 issue presentation

Peirce e l’iconismo / Peirce and Iconism

by Francesco Bellucci, Claudio Paolucci

pp. 3-13


Peirce e la teoria medievale delle relazioni, 1865-1867 / Peirce and the Medieval Theory of Relations, 1865-1867

by Costantino Marmo

pp. 15-29


Poinsot versus Peirce on Merging with Reality by Sharing a Quality

by Marc Champagne

pp. 31-43


The Problem of Resemblance in Peirce’s Semiotics and Philosophy

by Jean-Marie Chevalier

pp. 45-59


Phenomenological dream. Allucinazione semiotica e manipolazione digitale / Phenomenological Dream. Semiotic Hallucination and Digital Manipulation

by Riccardo Finocchi, Antonio Perri

pp. 61-78


Il rapporto tra icone, indici e percezione attraverso le riflessioni di Peirce sulla fotografia / The Relation between Icons, Indices, and Perception in Peirce’s Remarks on Photography

by Francesco Parisi, Paola Pennisi

pp. 79-91


Il corpo come icona. Abduzione, strumenti ed Embodied Simulation / The Body as an Icon. Abduction, Tools, and Embodied Simulation

by Valentina Cuccio, Fausto Caruana

pp. 93-103


Suono e linguaggio audiovisivo: indicalità, percezione sonora, iconismo / Sound and Audiovisual Language: Indexicality, Sound Perception, Iconicity.

by Lucio Spaziante

pp. 105-120


Peirce e Wittgenstein su parentesi e altri segni. Un contributo alla storia della filosofia della notazione / Peirce and Wittgenstein on Parentheses and Other Signs. A Contribution to the History of the Philosophy of Notation

by Francesco Bellucci

pp. 121-134


Iconismo primario e gnoseologia semiotica: un percorso tra Peirce ed Eco / Primary Iconism and Semiotic Gnoseology: an Itinerary between Peirce and Eco

by Claudio Paolucci

pp. 135-150