VERSUS n. 122 (january-june 2016)

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Empirical Research in Semiotics

edited by Guido Ferraro, Aldo Nemesio

Isbn: NA Issn: 0393-8255

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This issue of Versus presents and discusses the encounter between semiotics and empirical research. A comparison between different perspectives and practices can help us understand the reasons and the purposes of different methodological choices.

Semiotics and empirical research

by Guido Ferraro, Aldo Nemesio

pp. 3-4

Anyone came to live here some time ago. A cognitive semiotics approach to deviation as a foregrounding device

by Anna Chesnokova, Willie van Peer

pp. 5-22


Empirical research, literature and film

by Aldo Nemesio

pp. 23-33


Experimental methods in semiotics

by Guido Ferraro

pp. 35-56


The role of empirical evidence in interdisciplinary research

by Maria Pia Pozzato

pp. 57-70


The testing shift Game testing as embedded empirical study of user response

by Ivan Mosca

pp. 71-82


Bidirectionality in poetic metaphor William Carlos Williams and imagist poetry

by Chanita Goodblatt, Joseph Glicksohn

pp. 83-99


#WhatWeThinkOfTelevision. Twitter and the semiotic analysis of a television programme

by Antonio Santangelo

pp. 101-121


Bereshit: A generative grammar for narrative structures

by Francesco Galofaro

pp. 123-142


On reading "In search of lost time" – the readers’ way

by Samira Murad

pp. 143-156


Reading as an obstacle race Processing difficulty, semantic noise and the aesthetic experience

by Amir Harash, Yeshayahu Shen

pp. 157-177