Empirical Research in Semiotics

This issue of Versus presents and discusses the encounter between semiotics and empirical research. A comparison between different perspectives and practices can help us understand the reasons and the purposes of different methodological choices.
The articles published in this volume present recent work on the
field, discussing topics such as the effects created in readers by literary techniques, actual procedures put in place by interpreters in reading and interpreting different kinds of texts, bidirectionality in poetic metaphors, semantic noise, foregrounding, defamiliarization, generative grammars for narrative structures, cognitive load involved in reading, game testing, the effects of new technologies on film viewing, Twitter and talk shows, the role of empirical evidence in interdisciplinary research.

edited by Guido Ferraro, Aldo Nemesio

Authors: Anna Chesnokova, Guido Ferraro, Francesco Galofaro, Joseph Glicksohn, Chanita Goodblatt, Amir Harash, Samira Murad, Aldo Nemesio, Maria Pia Pozzato, Antonio Santangelo, Yeshayahu Shen, Willie van Peer, .