Fake News, Misinformation/Disinformation, Post-Truth

TEMI SEMIOTICI / SEMIOTIC THEMES: Fake News, Misinformation/Disinformation, Post-Truth.
A cura di / Edited by Piero Polidoro
Post-Truth and Fake News. Preliminary Considerations (Piero Polidoro); What is Fake News? (Romy Jaster, David Lanius); The Need for More Rhetoric in the Public Sphere. A Challenging Thesis About Post-Truth (Salvatore Di Piazza, Francesca Piazza, Mauro Serra); Sharing as Speech Act (Emanuele Arielli); No More Faith in Fakes. A Natural History of Counterfeiting (Göran Sonesson); The Cost of Truth. Motivations of a Pragmatist Trust-Conditional Approach to News Evaluation (Dario Compagno); The Discourse of Fake News in Italy. A Comparative Analysis (Francesco Mangiapane).

RICERCHE E ARGOMENTI / RESEARCH AND DISCUSSION: Constituting and Living the Umwelt. Two Levels of Semiosis in Jakob von Uexküll's Environmental Theory (Carlo Brentari); Commodity-Form as Oppositional Structure. The Versus of a Social Relation (Giorgio Borrelli).